My Labour Space

The Labour Management Solution

Over a 3 year period, commencing in 2013, Allan has developed, in association with Firetree Developments, an Online HR management System known as

My Labour Space

The online system replaces the need for large complicated filing cabinets storing tons of paperwork (that are either not kept up to date and when you desperately need a previous warning, the employees file  or the warnings contained therein, have disappeared!). My Labour Space , is a digital HR Management Portal, that allows for employers to save “employee files” on the cloud, to ensure that important documents, like contracts, warnings, etc… are not lost or stolen. It also allows for the processing and capturing of warnings, disciplinary hearings, leave records, poor timekeeping records etc,.. and will grant the user access to hundreds of generic HR Documents. Employers have all relevant information for each employee at their finger tips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the simple click of a mouse or tap of a finger. The secure site is accessed using a unique login & password, which provides access to the user’s specific zone on the platform.

Services provided by the platform include:

  1. Electronic capturing of staff personal data,
  2. Electronic capturing of contracts, warnings, leave, sick certificates, absenteeism etc….,
  3. Reporting of employee discipline history in the business, (warnings issued and validity) enabling a track record to be kept,
  4. Reporting of sick leave, family responsibility leave and vacation leave taken as well as absent days,
  5. Reminders regarding termination dates for Fixed Term or Temporary Contracts, return to work dates after leave etc…
  6. SMS function to employees advising of change of shift, requirement to meet management, collect notice of hearing, or even desertion/ absconding notices. The SMS messages are stored and can be printed for use in disciplinary hearings or at the CCMA as proof of communication.
  7. Employers are able to download pre-prepared documents as follows:
    Warning form
    Notice to attend a hearing
    Resignation letters
    Certificate of service
    Leave forms
    Desertion notices
    Alcohol misuse sheet
    Final settlement form
  8. “How to” and “Frequently asked Questions” are available to assist employers with general day to day labour queries, and a section providing numerous short videos is being developed to offer short training sessions to employers on the correct procedures and applications to adopt when dealing with their employees.