About Us

SA LR Services is a Labour Relations Consultancy that has been in existence since the mid 1990’s. The business of consulting to employers was started by Allan Bolt in July 1996 when he realised that with the introduction of new Labour Legislation in South Africa, employers, especially small to medium sized employers, were going to be needing guidance and assistance.

SA LR Services, specialises in offering services to the small to medium size employer market, and look after franchise as well as independent operations, in all sectors of the market from manufacturing to retail, distribution to hospitality as well as agriculture. We also consult to several larger more “corporate” clients as well.

Whilst we have specialised in the Hospitality Sector and are currently listed as the preferred supplier to a number of franchise groups (Spur, John Dory’s, Panarottis, Hussar Grill, Rocomamas, Wimpy, Steers, Mugg and Bean, Debonairs Pizza, Cape Town Fish Market,) our clients also include a number of garages, (Shell, BP, Caltex, Engen, Total and Sasol) as well as manufacturing operations, retail operations, general employers and production bakeries/ mills.

We will often interact with Trade Unions on behalf of our clients, in wage negotiations, workplace disputes, retrenchments or strikes. The main unions that we are exposed to will include FAWU, SACCAWU, NUMSA, NTM, ABANQOBI, AMITU and these are across most industrial sectors.